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Your Essential and Recommended Skincare Products Explained

Let's get back to the basics. There are some skincare products that you definitely cannot avoid and then when you feel it's time to up your skincare game then add the Recommended list to your skincare routine. Take this list as a beginner's guide to skincare routine.

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These are the products that you cannot avoid at any given cost.

1. Facewash/Cleanser

You definitely need a face wash depending on your skin type. Your skin needs to be clean inside out before you start adding products. The products won't absorb well on skin that is not clean.

2. Micellar water

You need this to remove all the makeup and sunblock at night before adding products. Avoid makeup wipes as that leave residue behind which could cause acne.

3. Moisturizer (Face and eyes)

Even this depends on your skin type. You cannot avoid this at any cost. There is a moisturizer for every skin type - from oily to dry to sensitive to acne prone. Moisturizer will keep the skin barrier intact and that's going to make you skin look healthy.

4. SunBlock

I'm not talking to you if you skip this! Even if you are planning to stay at home all day, you still need this!!! UV rays can definitely penetrate through your windows. Your skincare routine won't work if you skip this step.


SO now that you mastered the Essential list, it's time to move to ace the skincare game and take your skincare journey to the next level!! These are not all the skincare products available but they are definitely my favorite and you'll see a huge difference in your skin.

1. Exfoliator

No I am not talking about scrubs. There are in the form of tonics which do a much better job at eliminating dead skin than your regular scrub which could tear into your skin.

2. Toner

I wanted to put this in the essential list, but at the same time I wanted to keep the essential like as compact as possible. Toners prep your skin and get them ready to absorb all the amazing products you are going to add next. Please avoid alcohol based toners.

3. Retinol

AKA Vitamin A. Retinol is responsible for clear skin. It is scientifically proven to have anti aging properties. It evens out skin texture, stimulates collagen and it even clears acne skin fare ups.

4. Vitamin C

This guy is responsible to brighten skin, lighten dark spots, protects skin from free radicals. If you use Vitamin C on your skin and don't wear sunblock then I must tell you, your skin is in BIG trouble.

5. Face oil

You need this to seal the deal. SO whatever good stuff you applied, face oil will make sure everything stays in the skin and doesn't evaporate. SO therefore face oil last. But ofcouse if wearing during the day, don't forget to apply sunblock.

SO now what are you waiting for?? Start your skincare journey today!!!! Start with the essential stuff for two weeks and then up your game depending on your skin issues.

Check out my favorite products in each category.


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