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“No Makeup” Makeup Look: My Complete Guide

Whether it’s a party or a formal dinner, getting dolled up is fun every now and then. It’s a special feeling to go “all out” and dress up for a special occasion. However, most of the time, a bold, glam makeover isn’t necessary. There’s a latest trend going on known as the “No makeup” makeup look. And let me tell you, it’s the best thing ever!

You can flaunt this makeover when you're going shopping, unwinding with friends, or even working out. It's also referred to as a "natural look." The goal is to conceal your face a little bit without making it obvious to others that you're wearing makeup.

Here’s my step by step routine to get the perfect “No Makeup” makeup look!

Step 1: Get that skin moisturized!

After you’ve washed your face, gently apply some moisturizer on your face. Rub it all around so it gets applied evenly all around.

Step 2: Sunscreen for the rescue!

I like to apply a layer of sunscreen before applying makeup as it will help as a base layer for my makeup. Don’t want this gorgeous skin to get affected by the sun ;)

Step 3: Conceal your dark spots!

I skip foundation in favour of concealer beneath my eyes, on my lips, and in other target areas to give myself a more natural appearance. It fulfills its purpose while radiating a sense of naturalness.

Step 4: Cheekbones calls for some contouring!

Is any makeup complete if not blended with some contouring? Get a natural feel of high cheekbones highlighting those areas using your contouring products.

Step 5: Get blushed with some cheek tint!

Cheek tint plays an important role in getting a natural blushed look. It just takes your makeup to another level. Dab some liquid magic to your cheeks and get blushing!

Step 6: Brows need some pampering too!

Show some love to your brows by filling in the gaps and giving it a natural look. You look just perfect, don't you!

Step 7: Saving the best for the last!

Take your best nude lipstick and apply it on your lips. After all, you just can’t ever do without your favorite lipstick!

Ta da! You’re all set and glowing with your “no makeup” makeup look! Thank me later for all the compliments you’ll be getting on this one.


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