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From favourite products to key tricks, here are a few frequently asked questions about me:
Q) What is your favourite makeup brand?
A) Such a popular question and the most difficult to answer. But maybe there is one brand I always get pulled towards and I know they will never disappoint me, which is MAC.
Q) Which is your one Holy grail product?
A) An eyebrow pencil. Filling in your eyebrows is one of those beauty steps where a little bit of effort makes a huge difference. 
Q) Which is your favourite concealer?
A) MAC's pro longwear concealer in NC42
Q) Which is your favourite foundation?
A) My current favourite is KIKO's skin modernist 2 in 1 foundation & concealer. My all time favourite is MAC's pro longwear foundation in NC40 and NC42.
Q) Which is your favourite tool to apply foundation?
A) A dampened Beauty Blender sponge. It's quick and you get a flawless finish.
Q) Which is your favourite primer?
A) The POREfessional face primer by Benefit.
Q) How many times can I reuse lashes?
A) If you carefully remove your lashes and store them correctly then I would say 15-20 times.
Q) What's your hair color?
A) Red-Violet. it becomes more Red after 10 washes. 
Q) What is your skin type? 
A) I have combination skin type which means I experiment a lot to find products that suit my face and wheat-ish complexion. 
Q) What packages do you offer for make up classes and make up sessions?
A) Besides providing make up artist services, I love to host classes and offer - one, two and three day packages. Do contact me at for any inquiries. 

Here are a list of popular questions i get asked on a daily basis. Most of the time I get asked about my favourite product. 

Meet   Saniksha
Hi! I am Saniksha Adnani -
Your girl next door with a serious obsession with make up. 
Blend Dubai gives you a sneak peek into my life as a MUA and beauty tips for anyone looking to learn more. 
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