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Why buy Cartier Jewellery when You can get it cheaper at your family Jeweller

Recently I got the Clash De Cartier ring and the Love Bracelet. I do have three more bracelets by them which I got for Diwali / Dhanteras. I’ll link the unboxing post down below incase you want to watch it.

I love love their jewelry!! I feel I should buy one piece of their jewelry at every occasion cause they are so good.

SO now the main topic of this post - I got the idea of doing this post/blog when I witnessed the questions the customers before me were asking the salesperson at Cartier showroom in Dubai Mall. They asked her the weight in grams of the jewelry they were interested in. They even asked if it was 18ct or 22ct or 24ct gold. Next they multiplied the current gold rate with the weight of the jewelry and of course their calculation didn't match the price Cartier quoted them. It was definitely much much more higher.

So now let me explain the logic behind Cartier's pricing.

If you like a bag at Louis Vuitton or similar brand - would you buy it? or go to a cobbler, show them the design and ask him to stitch it/make it for you? No! You would buy the bag from Louis Vuitton cause you trust the brand and their quality and their workmanship. No matter how good your cobbler is you would still trust Louis Vuitton to give you the best quality

Same goes with Cartier jewelry. No matter how amazing your jeweler is, you won't get the same satisfaction or quality.

Secondly, you cannot just calculate the price of the ring by multiplying the gold rate with the gram of the jewelry at Cartier. Because at Cartier you are paying not only for the gold or diamond used, but you are also paying for the workmanship which is of extremely high standards. You are paying for their years of knowledge. You are paying for the design which probably took Cartier months or years to create, which all jewelers copy in minutes. Ofcourse you are also paying for their overheads like the prime location of each Cartier showroom, the extremely knowledgable staff, their stock investment and soooo many other things. If these overheads were not there than Cartier wouldn't be as popular and you wouldn't be buying a Cartier jewelry.

Finally all I want to say is that I have no issues with any jeweller copying any design. I prefer buying from Cartier themselves as no one can mimic their high standards and service of the finally product.



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