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Sephora x Sanana palette and Sephora products

I used the Sananas Palette to create this look. Loved loved loved this palette!! I am so so impressed with the quality of Sephora palettes. Loved the face palette and the Sananas eyeshadow palette. Both are super pigmented, easy to blend without loosing the intensity of the colour. I got this online from where they had a buy 1 get palette free offer. I'm so glad I got the palettes.

The flawless palette is in 03 Dark. It has an orange cream corrector. The next shade is the contouring shade, which is a beautiful shade for my skin tone. Then is a matte highlight. Then comes my current favorite blush!!! again love love love the shade. Next comes the two highlighters/illuminator. I love love the lighter shades. It's such a beautiful shade. Perfect for day time or a pool party. I would even wear it if I ever go clubbing again(Covid Times).

This is the Sananas palette in collaboration with Sephora. Sananas Is a lifestyle influencer from France and I believe she has two collaborations with Sephora. I am so so so happy I decided to get this palette. I loved the formulas of these colors! I am in. love with the colour "Yes you can" and "Family" I am already thinking of ways to wear these colors.

As always, my views are not paid for. I only post genuine and honest review. I post about products only so it could be useful to someone like you and help you in deciding whether to buy it or not.

I even created a tutorial using these palettes on my Youtube channel. I am posting the video down below.



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