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Redefine your face structure with the Highlighter

A Highlighter adds definition by accentuating certain points on your face. It completes the contour elevating parts of your face.

Before After

To start highlighting, a dense brush, like a foundation brush is recommended. I am not a fan of the fan brush. Saturate the brush with the product and tap off the excess powder.

Apply right above the cheekbone, where the contouring is done in downward motion. Application should be gentle and in short strokes only, as if you are painting your face.

The highlighter is applied on all high points of your face along with the cheekbone.

The bridge of the nose looks snatched on applying the highlighter. he cupid bow is the line defining your upper lip is another high point.

The chin, the inner corner of the eye, the brow bone are also high points you must not miss.

The highlighter is used on points where the light falls on the face, while contouring is done to create a shadow effect.

The sharper the light and shadow distinction created, the cuts of your face look sharper. One can create an illusion of a plump or bony face with this light and shadow makeup technique. Check the video below to see how I highlight the highest points of my face.

Click here to watch the video.


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