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Raw Vegan Food and its health benefits

People have been eating raw food for centuries but it has recently gained popularity due to its health benefits and how ideal it is for a human body. So, what is your take on all this? Do you believe that eating raw food provides health benefits? If you believe so, then let's have a look at this amazing book "Being Rawesomly Vegan” written by Dimple Khitri where she has not only written raw vegan recipes but have also emphasized on health benefits of raw eating for human body.

What is Raw Food?

Let's first discuss what actually is raw food? Raw food is basically raw and unprocessed food that has never been heated over 104-118°F, not even refined, pasteurized or processed in any way. Similar to vegan food, raw food is mostly comprised of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The book emphasizes on how raw food can make you feel and look healthy and your body transforms incredibly with eating raw healthy food. It has 60 easy-to-make raw vegan recipes that you can make at every meal of the day.

What health benefits does raw vegan food provide?

Coming to the health benefits of eating raw vegan food, you will feel more energetic and active with a youthful glow, shiny eyes and clear bright skin. Raw food is light on your body and improves digestion which leads to weight loss. You feel mentally healthy and its anti-aging properties let your skin and body feel good. It detoxifies and heals allergies and chronic diseases so overall; it improves your health and make you feel light and live.

Dimple Khitri, in her book, has mentioned various raw vegan food recipes which will benefit in weight loss and let you live a healthy and mindful living. Among all her recipes, my favorite recipe is Avocado Salad which is not only healthy but also look scrumptiously delicious. Raw food doesn’t have to look boring but it should look colorful and interesting so don’t compromise on your appetite and eat healthy and light.

Avocado Salad Recipe:

To make delicious Avocado Salad, you need to cut all desired vegetables like onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and coriander leaves and put them all together in a bowl. Now make a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice with a pinch of salt and black pepper and pour the dressing over the cut vegetables and sprinkle some nutritional yeast and chili flakes over it. Nutritional yeast adds flavor to the salad and has a lot of nutritional value for vegans so it’s a must have. Tada your avocado salad is ready to eat. Try this recipe at home and you will love it. Along with salad recipes, the book contains variety of dishes such as Pad Thai Noodles, Alfredo Pasta, Lettuce Wraps and Date Ladoos etc.

Eat raw, eat clean! You will notice the difference in your body and shape within few weeks. So why continue eating processed food with less nutritional value when you can have raw food with lots of benefits? Through this book, the author has tried to spread message of eating clean and raw food to get nutritional benefits of fruits, vegetables and nuts which otherwise decreases when eaten processed. Order this book and get all the raw vegan food recipes in your hand to make colorful, interesting and healthy recipes.

Click here to see how I make the Avo salad


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