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This is my first palette by Pat McGrath Labs and I am sooooo happy that this palette is my first palette. When I first got this palette it was Love at first sight. My bestie gifted it to my and I love her for that!! And I just love her 😍

About the Palette

When you see the colors in this palette, you will fall in love with them. I feel each color was give so much thought before placing it in this palette. The formula is absolutely beautiful. It's definitely beginner friendly and of course the Pros are gonna love it too!

If you like shimmery colors, you'll definitely love this palette. The shimmery colors are quite pigmented so you won't need a matte base to make the eyeshadow pop.

TIP: Use the NYX glitter primer as base for the shimmery eyeshadow to stay on the lid all night long.

I've already uploaded a detailed tutorial using this palette on my Youtube channel. I’ll link it down below. I’ll definitely be creating many more looks using this palette. I’ll keep linking them down below.

Oh and if you've not got this palette then I really think you should #NotSponsored


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