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I swapped my brow gel for my husband’s hair pomade and I'm never going back

A few weeks back, out of sheer curiosity I grabbed my husband’s hair pomade from his bathroom (Yes! We don’t share the same bathroom 😝) and added to my brows using a spooly.

I combed it towards my temple like I always do, and guess what, it stayed upwards the way I like!

I was pleasantly surprised that it worked as good (or maybe better than) as a brow wax. I wonder why not many beauty gurus talk about this brow hack.

By using wax on my brow, the gaps that I have get covered too. Which means I don’t need to fill my brows. I just add a few hair-like strokes where needed.

I am not a big fan of adding soap to my brows, cause it dries my skin out. Soap is supposed to be washed out from your skin when applied as the PH level can irritate the skin. Oh and imagine adding foundation on top of soap, that will ruin my whole makeup look. Gel’s are so much more easier to use as you don’t need to wet anything.

I used the Gatsby hair pomade to create this.

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