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How to contour for beginners

In case you are wondering how to contour like a pro for a glamorous look, here are some easy makeup tips for beginners.

Before After(Left cheek is contoured only)

Once you prep your face with necessary skincare and makeup base, it looks flat. To get the dimension back, you contour your face. With the help of contouring, you can create an illusion of light and shadow to enhance your face structure.

Now let's take a look at how to contour:

You will need an angled contouring brush and a contouring powder. This angled brush is by MAC and the contouring powder by DIOR.

It is important to hold your brush correctly for ease of application and the right amount of pressure. Start by holding your angled contouring brush towards the end.

You can use this little trick by keeping a thin brush behind your ear, angle on the cheekbone to get the perfect position for application of the product. Take a darker shade of the contouring powder and apply the product alongside the brush placed on your ear. If the brush is held right, the pressure is light and perfect.

Using the same brush blend in the product with back and forth strokes for a nicely diffused contour and a subtle gradient. Use the same shade of the contouring powder along the jawline and blend the remaining product on the brush on the underjaw.

The darker shade of the contouring powder being slightly darker than your skin tone gives a shadow effect, which elevates the cheekbones and gives a more pronounced jawline.

Try this technique for an uplifting and chiseled look. Checkout my blog on blush & highlighting. - click here to check out the video.


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