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Face cloth - This will change the way you remove your makeup

Using a face flannel/napkin is good for your skin & the environment. Use your favorite cloth with your preferred cleanser (micellar or face wash or cleansing balm) and gently remove all the dirt and makeup and at the same time buff away dead skin skin. It's a great way to exfoliate and to brighten your complexion. The face towel doesn't have to be the most expensive one. I got these white ones from @zarahome . I got a few extra as I put them for machine wash after every use. I prefer wetting my face cloth with warm water before I start cleansing. Go easy when scrubbing with the face towel. The skin on your face is not a war zone. Using a face towel is far more sustainable than wet wipes. Wipes do terrible things to our environment and to your skin. In November 2019, Selfridges announced that they have banned all single-use beauty wipes from sale and use in their beauty halls. They offer and recommend reusable options. You can even get reusable face pads from @amazonae

To learn out how I fold my napkins, head to my instagram page.


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