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All about contouring in depth!!

Hey everyone!!! Todays video is like so so so highly requested by almost everyone!!! Im sure by the tittle you know what I am talking about. Contouring!!!

I know most of you’ll have tried it ones or a couple of times and some of you’ll might have given up hope. In my opinion contouring is extremely important if you put foundation or compact.

Foundation covers and conceals whatever you want to hide. It will hide any spots or blemishes. It will make your whole face look one colour which is what we expect from a foundation or concealer or compact.

But that means now your face will look very flat or 2d. And for someone like me, that makes my face look bigger and wider. And that’s definitely not something I want. So that’s when contouring helps to add back the dimension in your face.

In this video I'm going to Talk about the types of contouring and i'll show you’ll the easiest way to contour face and jawline.

Lets start with types of contouring. So there is cream contouring and powder contouring. The difference is the same as liquid foundation and compact powder.

Like you put cream foundation for a better coverage or a dewy moisturized look. Exactly the same reason why I would opt for cream contouring over powder. When I want better coverage. And something that would last all day.

Whereas if I want a more subtle look or more blended look then I'll go with just powder contouring. If it's not going to be an all day event and just a couple of hours event, even then I would do just powder contouring.

Check out the video below to see how I do both cream and powder contouring.

So as I said earlier In my opinion contouring is extremely important if you put foundation or compact as foundation takes away the natural dimensions from ur face contouring adds the dimension back.

If u want a better dimension or contouring that will last u all day then opt for cream contouring. And if u r in a hurry and want something more natural then opt for powder contouring.

So that’s all for today. I'll see you'll soon in my next video.

Till then keep blending my lovelies.

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Hi! I am Saniksha Adnani -
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