Pavanito - skin care, hair care, wellness products handmade in UAE

'If you can't eat it's raw ingrdients, you do not put the final product on your skin' is the ground rule Pavanito works on. All their products are handmade by Pavan Rajhpal in the U.A.E. in small batches (100 bottles maximum in a batch) and the product line is free of colour, industrial grade chemical or any fillers/synthetics.

I've been using the anti ageing night serum since over a month now and I am loving the results. My skin feels healthy and it's glowing. 

Pavanito products are exclusively sold at RIPE Market and ARTE - The makers  market in Time square centre as well as Mercato Mall.

Do you like commercial products or Organic products? Lately I've been using a lot of Natural, Organic and Vegan products(Makeup & Skin care) and I am loving it.