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Choosing the right foundation

Many of my friends refuse to wear foundation, as they feel it gives them a cakey look. That shouldn't be the case. A right foundation should give you a smooth and uniform look. So basically the skin should look better with foundation it does without foundation.

However, the process of choosing the right foundation is quite confusing - and the million products available in the market don't make it any easier. So here are my tips and tricks to help simplify this process.

Step1: Formula

There are many different kinds of formulas available. You should try a variety of formulas to find the one that suits your skin type and provides the coverage you want.

The types of formula available are: -

1. Liquid foundation

2. Tinted moisturiser

3. Stick foundation

4. Whipped foundation

5. Oil free foundation

6. Mineral foundation

7. Cushion foundation

8. Powder foundation

Due to the advances in how foundations are formulated today, each of these kinds of foundation are available for every skin type. Gone are those days when stick foundation was only recommended for dry skin - it is now available for oily skin too. It is not possible to pin point which formula is the best for which skin type. Therefore you need to try and make sure that the one you choose suits your skin type.

Tip: If you feel your foundation looks flaky then moisturise your skin well and use the right kind of primer that suits your skin and the look you want.

Step 2: Shade

I said earlier, foundations even out the skin colour. Don't expect it to change the colour of your skin. If you try to do that, you might end up looking grey and old.

To find the perfect shade, choose 3 shades which are closest to your skin colour. Apply each of these three shades in stripes on the side of your face (refer to picture below). The colour that is your best match should disappear on your skin.

To see how the foundation really looks on your face, apply the best match colour on your entire face. If you ended up with two best match colours, then apply each on either half of your face. Choose the shade that matches well everywhere as that shade will work the best and give you an even uniform look.

Always wait for 20 to 30 minutes before finalising and purchasing as foundation tends to oxidise or look different ones it settles. It is common norm to do this, so don't feel awkward telling the salesperson that you would like to wait. If you are not 100% satisfied even after the 30 minutes, ask them to give you a sample to take home so that you can try the shade and formula again before buying.

Step 3: Purchase

Finally buy the foundation which makes your skin look healthy and gives you the look and feel you desire.

Do you know only 15% of women choose the right shade of foundation?

Follow these steps to get the right shade and formula that works for you!

I usually offer my personal shopping services to help you buy the right foundation for your skin type.

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