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Nail Art!!

I love a good manicure. Nothing makes me feel better than great nails. Check out my gallery of my favourite extreme manicures over the year!

I love the final look of these gold strips. They are extremely difficult to put and they usually start peeling out within a week.

That's my current favourite style. It's reverse chrome ombre on white base. The picture doesn't do justice to the final outcome.

I love that pistachio green colour with silver glitter on the sides.

That's only chrome with no base colour.

French nail art is fun

Another chrome ombre, but this time on lighter base.

Matte nails are my all time favourite.

Reverse chrome ombre on black base. I like the white base more then the black.

French ombre nails with water decals on ring finger. Water decals are like nail stickers but easier to apply and the outcome is just mind blowing.

This is my go to holiday nails. I love how clean this looks. Perfect when travelling.

Another chrome nails but this time with pink base.

Let me know which ones your favourite. Or send me a picture of your favourite nail art which you think I must try.


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