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Mac cleansing solution home-dupe - at a fraction of the cost

I have seen a  lot of dirty brushes and think it's important to keep washing them after 4 to 5 uses. Most of my students find the whole process of shampooing their brushes time consuming.

They do like the MAC brush cleaner, but find it very expensive. I found the perfect home dupe to these brush cleaner - After finding this recipe I'm never buying brush cleaner again. It even smells like heaven! 

You just need three products which you will easily find at any supermarket. No need to order anything online. 

All you need it:

1. One cups of water

2. One tablespoon baby shampoo

3. A quarter cup of rubbing alcohol

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Put this in any kind of empty dispenser

(Daiso has many types of dispenser including spray bottle).

Voila! You brush cleaner is ready.


Water - Dhs 2  

Baby Shampoo - Dhs 0.50(approximately) for 1tbsp (Dhs 18/- for the whole bottle)

Rubbing Alcohol - Dhs 1(approximately) for 1/4 cup (Dhs 4/- for the whole bottle)

Total cost: Dhs 3.50 for 250ml

Mac Brush cleanser: Dhs 81/- for 235ml 

The home dupe price could buy you around 20 bottles of Mac cleansing solution. 

Check out the recipe video on my Instagram account :)

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