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To shave or not to shave? New Razor

Got this new Vertex razor from amazon(Not an AD) and it's definitely my fav by far! I'll link it down below.

Before I tell you more about this razor let me kill some myths of shaving.

I have PCOd and that's the reason I get thick hair on my chin. I've tried laser but it didn't help much and they always blamed my hormones for it.

Shaving doesn't remove your hair from root and that's the reason why you feel your hair is growing back faster. I shave every 2 to 3 days.

That's the same reason why you feel the hair growing back is thicker as the roots are coming out. When the roots are out the next circle will be your fine hair and then roots again and the cycle will keep continuing.

Another myth is shaving causes extra hair growth. I really wish that was possible, I would have shaved my eyebrows and the hair on my head to get some extra growth. Or I would recommend all bald men start shaving their head too. So no it doesn't cause any extra hair growth☺️

So that was all about the myths and now something about this razor.

This razor is my curent fav favvvvv razor!!!!!! I shave my chin and neck and cheeks too. Its perfect for shaving your thick hair and finer peach fuzz too. Makeup application is perfect after that.

The blade is nice and sharp and gives a close shave!! It shaves as close to the skin as possible which is perfect to avoid ingrowth.

It removes Peach fuzz and dead skin. Totally recommend it.

More tips and tricks coming up super soon.

Click on the video below to see how I use this razor.



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