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With so many brushes available in the market, anyone can't get overwhelmed. And if you are like me, you'll probably buy all of them(In the name of R&D). As a newbie you might not understand the importance of good quality brush set, but you need that "good quality" brush to help you gain the most flawless makeup finish.

So I've rounded up the most essential makeup brushes, that you absolutely need in your makeup kit. I've divided this into Eye makeup brushes and Face Makeup brushes.

If you don't feel like reading this then watch the Youtube video I've linked down below.

Essential Eye Makeup brushes

1) Mac 217

I call this the white blending brush. I can't think of creating any look without this brush. I use it to add colour to my crease, my transition shade and even my lid color. It does't only place colour but it even blends out the edges. This brush will make sure the edges of the eyeshadow are seamless and doesn’t have any harsh and stark lines. Absolute favorite brush.

2) Mac 224

I call this the black blending brush. This is softer as compared to the previous brush. This brush diffuses the eyeshadow really well. creating that gradient effect. You can even use this brush without any colour, to blend out the edges for a nice seamless effect.

3) Mac 239

The flat shader brush. You need this to add eyeshadow on your lid with precision. This brush is perfect for packing colour and pigment before you go in with your blending brush.

4) Mac 219

I use the pencil brush to smoke out the lower lash line or to add colour to the lower lash line. This brush can even be used to smoke out your crooked eyeliner which was a makeup mistake into a makeup win.

5) Mac 208

This brush is a must-have for beginners to perfect the art of winged eyeliner. This brush can be used to create eyeliner with some gel product or black eyeshadow. You can even use this to line your lower lash line and then smoke it out with the pencil brush. A total multitasker brush.

Essential Face Makeup brushes

1) Mac 208

My favorite powder brush!!! I used this to set my face with powder. I've used so many powder brushes like the kabuki brush or a fuller brush but none of them gave me the result this brush gives me. Picks up the right amount of product and blends it giving me that flawless effect I am always looking for.

2) Mac 168

Never met a better contouring brush. This makes the contour look as natural as possible. It places the product and then blends out the edges so there are no harsh lines. The way this brush is designed that it fits perfectly in the hollows of your cheeks.

3) Mac 188

This duo fibre is a total all rounder brush. As by now you know I own more brushes than a display stand at a small Sephora store, so I specifically use this brush to add cream contour and blend it too. But you can use this brush to add liquid foundation, BB and CC and all the other tinted moisturizers and creams oh and even perfect for mineral foundation. It will pick up the right amount of product and buff it on to your face and the bristles won't even drink up all your product.

4) Mac 129

The one on the left is the big fluffy powder brush and the one on the right is the MAC 129 which I use to add blush. This blush brush will add the right amount of blush and even blend out the edges so you don't end up looking like a clown with bright red cheeks. The size of this brush is perfect as it gives more precise application of blush.

5) Mac 190

This is actually a foundation brush, but I use it to add highlighter on the highest points. The reason why I like this brush is cause I loveee highlighter and this brush picks up a lot and places it exactly where I ask it to.

Technically this brush is not that important. You can use your fingertips to add highlighter or the Sigma brush I mention below.

6) Sigma F64

I use this densely hair packed Sigma brush to add powder to hard-to-reach areas of the face like the nose wings(aka inner corner). I primely use this brush to set the areas where I add concealer. Like under eye, bridge of my nose, right under the contouring, around the mouth. I do this to make sure everything is set and to achieve the mattefying effect.

It’s all in the brushes!

What are your essential brushes?

Let me know whether you’ll be picking up any of these essentials, over on Instagram



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