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Reverse Washing for a Good Hair Day!

We’ve all experienced a love-hate relationship with our conditioner. There are days when too little can cause some frizz whereas there are days where too much can cause flatness. So, what is the perfect hack for voluminous hair???

It’s easy. Reverse washing is here to save your hair, and well… your day!

Reverse washing is exactly what the name suggests. It is where you condition your hair first followed by a shampoo. The concept behind this is that our pores are open due to the pH of the water and so they can absorb more moisture and nourishment. This way you can get off that extra conditioner by shampooing your way through later.

Sounds weird? Trust me, once you begin this technique, there’s no going back to flat, dull hair!

As much as this wash is trending, it also has a lot of benefits!

1. Say BYE to Greasy Hair!

If you’re someone who’s experienced your scalp becoming oily after every wash, you must definitely give the reverse washing hack a try. Sometimes, a bit of conditioner can reside in your scalp and make it itchy and oily. Shampooing your hair at the end ensures that this last piece of irritation is wiped right off.

2. Bacne Who?

While washing off the conditioner, it can stick to your back causing bacne. It sounds weird, but yes it is a real thing. Reverse washing will prevent this as the shampoo will wash off these residents off your back. A win-win situation indeed!

3. HELLO Voluminous Hair!

One of the best ways you can make your hair feel bouncy and voluminous is by following the reverse washing technique. This is a tried and tested hack that will do wonders for your hair.

I find this hack the simplest way to bouncy, shiny hair. Reverse Washing does not damage your hair hence it doesn’t have many restrictions. You can follow this routine once every 3 washes or save it up for special good hair days!


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