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Naughty Nude Palette Huda Beauty Review & Tutorial

This time I am reviewing the Huda Beauty Naughty Nude Palette. Before I start I don't know how she does it every time! Again this palette has like such amazing textures. There are like 5 different textures and 18 different shades. I got mine from Sephora. They definitely have the quickest delivery. I wish HudaBeauty improves their delivery time.

This palette is not like her other palettes. No they are not all the same. I found some beautiful colors in this palette which I don't have in any other palette. And I own a lot of palettes from many different brands.

You can create such versatile looks with this palette. I've already created a shimmery look and a matte smokey eye. I am sure by the time you'll read this post I would have created many more different looks.

The jelly shade called SLIPPERY is one of the highlights of this palette. It is transparent with some shimmer balls in it. It will look different in every palette but the way you'll use it will be same for everyone. So basically you can use this jelly texture as a base on your eyelid and then add a shimmery colour on top of it. O to the M to the G!! Your shimmery colour is going to pop on another level!!! Go Swatch it to believe it.

Another way you can use this jelly shade is by adding it on top of a shade to give that glossy effect. Doing glossy eyes is not a new technique but in the past makeup artists used lip gloss to do that and trust me that is so damn messy for the artist and the model. That gloss is going to be all over your eyes and maybe your face and fingers. But this one in the palette is definitely mess free.

Now my favorite are the shimmery shades. Then there is this one shimmery shade which is half matte and half glittery, like flower power. AGAIN what a beautiful beautiful shade.

I can safely say this is the sexiest palette of the moment. I mean you have to go swatch it to believe it. How do you do it Huda ???

These are the looks I've created so far using this palette

Im even linking the instagram posts. DO watch it. I managed to edit some awesome Makeup transition videos:

This palette is going to be part of my upcoming Giveaway super soon. Head to my instagram account to find out more.

Till Then keep blending my lovelies.


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