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Natasha Denona Brush set - 12 Pieces

As you know in this part of the world we have to order everything online as we have limited brands available. One thing I am always looking for are reasonably priced makeup brushes, specially for my students.

The reason your makeup look doesn't look as great as the youtube tutorial you just followed is because of the brushes you used. 90% of my students use the brush they get with their eyeshadow palette or some cheap set they got from Amazon.

I can't stress enough how important it is to have a good set of makeup brushes that will last you for a very long time.

One such set I came across was the Natasha Denona brush set. I ordered it from and I must tell you they are so reasonably priced for the quality you receive. They are for around 385/- AED for a set of 12 brushes (Aprrox Dhs 30 per brush)

The quality and bristles are phenomenal. There are limited brushes but it's perfect for someone who is not a pro makeup artist.

Oh and the brush holder is amazing too. It's sturdy and so good to travel with. I’ll link the video down below where I've used most of the brushes that came in the kit.

This set contains: -

#1 Lip Liner Brush

#2 Eye Brow Brush

#3 Eye Liner Brush

#4 Eye Shadow Mini Brush

#6 Eye Shadow Smudge Brush

#7 Eye Shadow Angled Brush

#9 Eye Shadow Crease Brush or blending brush

#11 Eye Shadow Brush/ shader brush

#14 Medium powder Brush for highlight, face powder or contouring

#17 Blush Brush or Contouring brush

#19 Foundation Brush

#20 Large Powder Brush

These are the 12 brushes and the hard case. The case feels like leather.

The crease brush in #9. The shader brush in #11.

The eyebrow brush in #2 which I used to line the lower lash line. The smudge brush in #6.

Small face powder brush in #14 which can be used to add any kind of powder including highlighter. Large fluffy brush in #20 to add powder all over face and neck.

Large brush in #19 to add liquid products like foundation and primer.

Same small powder brush in #14 used to add highlighter. Brush # 17 used to add contouring and blush.

Click on the video below to see how I use them.

If you are looking for a good quality brush set then get this one. My post is Not Sponsored. I bought these brushes to review them so my students and followers could benefit out of it.



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