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My Menu - It's not a diet plan

My Morning and night ends with - Aaj khane mein kya banega (What to cook for lunch/dinner/breakfast)

Deciding what to cook for the day takes roughly 5 to 10 mins per day. That is approximately 2,740 minutes per year. I can definitely do a lot more in that much time.

I'm attaching my Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and soup menu to this post.

Warning: This is not a diet plan. These are just some food items we make on a regular basis at home. Most of them are staple Sindhi food items. Some of them are my inventions like Brussel makhani, tofu bhurji. Some of these items are what my mom makes or my cook makes or my mother in law makes.

We are vegetarian at home but I do eat eggs. We usually make one or two vegetables for lunch and a dal. For dinner it's usually non-indian food item plus soup.

I hope this menu helps solve the issue - Aaj khane mein kya banega? If you want the editable version of this then message me on my instagram page and I'll email it you.

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