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Lash Extensions- Your BFF to Bold, Gorgeous Eyes!

Are you one of those girls that desires the long, thick lashes of the men around her? Totally understand you. Applying a heavy coat of mascara repeatedly only to have it result in a massacre of black pools the following day is very frustrating. Oh, and don't even start me on how challenging it is to find the mascara that is the perfect match for you!

But let’s skip to an easier way to get those gorgeous lashes. I am talking about lash extensions! It’s the new trend that’s been the talk of the out since quite some time now. You might have your reservations on trying them out, but hear me out first!

Nowadays, lash extensions come in different styles and lengths. So you can choose your ideal ones depending on your need- be it elegant and soft or bold and dramatic. But, before you buy your lashes, here’s a guide on what you need to know about lash extensions!

What exactly are lash extensions, anyway?

It’s crazy how something so small and made out of hair can be such an important part of your makeup regimen. While you might think that these extensions might take a lot of effort to apply, it’s extremely simple!

To explain in simple words, lash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are attached to your natural lash using semi-permanent glue.

How to get your perfect match?

Like any other beauty product, lashes too have a lot of types. Depending on your comfort level, personal style, budget, etc. Ranging from 3 categories (mink, silk, synthetic) you gotta choose how long, thick, and curly you’d like your lashes to be!

If you’re still confused and want to reach out for professional advice, you can book one hour of my time where I’ll be assisting you personally in finding whatever suits you the best.

Happy shopping!


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