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How to properly use hyaluronic acid in your daily routine

You see the ingredient hyaluronic acid in almost every skin care and beauty related product. I know the word acid could scare you, cause acid sounds like an ingredient that would eat away your skin. I promise you this acid is not like all those acids you've used in the science lab.

Did you know hyaluronic is already found in our body. It's found in our joints(keeps the space between our joints lubricated so they don't grind against each other), skin(hydrates our skin keeping the elasticity going strong and keeping our skin looking youthful always), connective tissues(it keeps the cell relaxed acting as a cushion and keeps them hydrated).

So if it's already available in our body then why do we need more hyaluronic? That's very simple, the production reduces as we age.

Let's talk more about hyaluronic in skin. One drop of this magically ingredient can hold up to 1000X times its weight in water. Imagine all the hydration your skin will receive. So use some good moisturizer after adding hyaluronic for it to hold on to.

More benefits of hyaluronic acid:

Hydrates cells and plums skin

Reduces redness

Reduces blemishes

Reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Improves collagen and elasticity to tighten skin

My skin is oily but that doesn't mean it's hydrated. I use hyaluronic mainly for hydration and as an anti aging product. Hyaluronic by Niod was my first product from the Deciem collection and that's when I fell in love with their whole range.

Lastly, how to use Hyaluronic on skin?

Cleanse face and add a few drops on wet skin. You can even use a toner before hyaluronic.

That's all from me on Hyaluronic! Have an awesome skin care day and night!!


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