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Give your cheeks the magic tint for a young look

Blush is that part of makeup, which gives your cheeks a subtle lift. When done right, it gives a glow along with neutralising different shades and tones on the face.

Before After (added blush only on the left cheek)

Follow these steps as improper application of the product can make you look like a clown.

To start you will need a blush brush or a contouring brush, whichever you are comfortable using; and not to forget the blush, our hero.

(I'm using the MAC brush and Glowish by Huda Beauty blush in Charming Cherry Cheeky Vegan Blush)

IMP Tip: Saturate the brush well with the product (i.e. the blush) and then remove the excess on the back of your hand in a circular motion, for a uniform fill of the product on the brush.

Then smile to lift the apple of your cheeks and apply. Blend it into the contouring. Always remember to add blush in layers, to avoid applying too much or too little.

Adding blush to your makeup shall always give a healthy popup colour. It creates an illuminating effect and a lift to your cheeks. The shadow created by the contouring powder and the glow from the blush takes away the droopiness and sagginess of the cheeks, creating an illusion of a perfect cheek structure.

Never forget that when it comes to blush, less is more.

Checkout my post on contouring and highlighting the right way.

Click here to watch the video on how to add blush to make those cheeks look lifted!


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