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False Eyelashes: A Beginner's Guide!

Where have you been if you haven't tried false lashes yet? Anyone who is interested in beauty should learn how to apply strip lashes since they can create a stunning statement and significantly improve your natural beauty.

Depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve, strip lashes are curved strips to which clusters of lashes are attached in various ways. Most beauty stores have them, and they can range from a subtle natural look to the more pronounced Kim Kardashian flair.

I’ve made the best beginner's guide because we all know how difficult it can be to apply artificial eyelashes. I’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire procedure, dissecting every element required to get the ideal fluttery look.

Step 1: Cut the Lashes

Take the lashes you've chosen for the look and cut them into a short and a long piece.

Step 2: Prep it for Application

Take your tweezers in hand and use them to grip the lengthier section of your eyelashes. Add some glue on them.

Step 3: Stick it on the Waterline

After carefully adding glue on the lashes, put it gently on the waterline side of your eyes. Secure it in place. Easy peasy, wasn’t it?

Step 4: Time for the Smaller Piece

Take the smaller piece of lashes we cut earlier and apply glue to it too. Gently place it on the waterline of your inner eyelids. Secure it gently to make it sync with the longer piece.

Step 5: Look who’s looking gorgeous?

You’re all set to flatter those bold and beautiful eyes! This was quite easy, no?

Now you know how to apply them anytime, anywhere you want! But also remember the right way to remove them. Take a moment to use an oil based makeup remover or a gentle eye makeup cleanser. Simply use a cotton pad and hold it over your lashes for a few seconds. That’ll definitely help you in removing those lashes without pulling on your lid.

Now, show off your lash game any chance you get!


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