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Dark Circles Under your eyes? Try this

Dark circles are a common issue and I regularly get messages on how to cure them.

Now lets talk about regular dark circles. BEFORE you try to buy skincare products try to get enough SLEEP. That should be good uninterrupted sleep. If you have caffeine during the day then don't consume any after noon as that gives you interrupted sleep.

As for skincare, try under eye creams with retinol. If you are new to retinol, remember to go slow. Use it once a week and then gradually increase the frequency.

Include some skin brightening products too like Niacinamide, Vitamin C and Acelaic Acid.

SUNSCREEN: You must wear sunscreen under eye too! If you don't wear sunscreen then nothing is going to work. I can't emphasis enough how important sunblock is!

Lastly, dark circles can be hereditary. If that's the case then your option is medical. See a good dermatologist who can recommend laser therapy or fillers like the hylaronic acid fillers for a more permanent solution.


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