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By Terry Hylaronic Hydra-powder

I found a finishing powder that does good to your skin! You can even sleep in it as it contains hylaronic acid.

You must have probably heard of "hylaronic acid" floating around all over Instagram. I've been using hylaronic since a year and it's done wonders for my skin. It's got so many benefits but I'm going to keep it short and simple (as this post is about this loose powder). Its become so popular due to it's superpower ability to hydrate and anti-ageing.

Now that you know why I like hylaronic, let me tell you why this powder with hylaronic has become a favourite. I am very picky when it comes to finishing powder or compacts as most of them over dry my skin. But this one has got hylaronic particles which moisturises my skin and it even smoothens and blurs the skin. Ofcourse its long-lasting which means my foundation doesn't slide off the t-zone.

If you've got wrinkles then this ones definitely for you. It doesn't just sit in the wrinkles making it more obvious but instead blurs them and at the same time the hylaronic will do its job.

Again this is not a marketing post. I bought this product. I loved it and I wanted to share my review to help my followers who are looking for a good quality finishing powder.

Blend it away....


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