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Kat von D Lash Liner - my favorite 'Kajal'

A year back I received this lash liner as a PR package from @katvondbeauty and I've not not gone back since then to a regular eyeliner pencil. I used to hate wearing 'kajal' on my waterline as it was either not super dark or it used to leak. But this is a total game changer. It's super dark and doesn't leak.

(After - Before)

The way you wear this, is important as you don't want your eyes to burn. Here are the steps: Step 1: It is important to remove the excess so the product doesn't go inside your eyes. Step2: Line your waterline but as close to the lashes as possible. Not close to your eyes as again we don't want the product to go inside your eyes and burn. If you like use dabbing like motion. This liner is super smooth, long lasting and intense.


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