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Skin Care Tips - Washing your face the right way

So these steps might feel like simple routines, but they are very important as that's the base of your skin care regime. Doing it the right way will make a huge difference. And if you are wondering where to start then let's start with face wash.

Ok so I like to keep my posts to the point. I am going to stop rambling and tell you more about the three points I mentioned above.

1. Water in UAE is so so HOT. The skin on your face is already "delicate" and "sensitive". How can you even think of standing face front in front of hot running shower. Give the shower your back! That's what it deserves for being so hot ;)

Even when the water is not so hot, still avoid standing face front in front of the shower.

2. Face wash should be your last step. Imagine you cleansed your face with your face wash and then you shampoo your hair. All the shampoo and conditioner will be running all over your face and messing with the base for your skin care regime which will come next. If you want, you can cleanse your face after getting out of the shower.

3. You must cleanse your face in the night and in the morning. There is no skipping. Double cleanse is extremely important during your night routine. But in the morning you can just use any face wash to cleanse.

More about double cleanse in my upcoming posts.


Saniksha :)

I do like to use the wishful enzyme scrub once a week.

I use the Niod's Sanskrit Saponins for night cleanse. It's available on

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