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Huda Beauty melted shadows - Matte & Metal

I'm sure by now you'll must have seen so many reviews on this product. Some paid reviews some not. I didn't come across many tutorials where people used just the duo stick to create a look. Most of them have coordinated their looks using this duo and the new nude eyeshadow palette or other Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette. And I feel that totally beats the purpose of buying these expensive duos if I have to use more eyeshadows to create a look. Each duo stick retails at $26(Dhs 116/-)

What it is?

Still many of you'll don't know what this product is exactly. Do you'll remember the Stila cosmetics Magnificient Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow I used to use in my videos? Its very similar to that.

This one is A dual-ended liquid shadow combining a matte formula on one side, and a sparkly formula on the other.

(Huda Beauty liquid eyeshadow compared to the Stila cosmetics liquid eyeshadow)

What it does?

It claims to make cut crease super easy. But many makeup artists use a lot of eyeshadows from other palettes to create one look. I decided to create the whole look using just one of the duo stick and it worked! It was not as easy as Huda claims but ones I got a hang of it, I loved it. You have to be quick when blending the matte eyeshadow.

The sparkly glitter side can be used to create a cut crease and it can even be used as a glitter eyeliner.

How many shades does it come in?

Currently it comes in 5 different combinations. I bought Silkbomber with Bubble gum. It's super sparkly and such a pretty colour. I wish we could choose the combinations as I am not a fan of all the matte colours as i feel they wont look as good on my skin tone. I can't wait to try Bamboo Hoops, Shimmering sunset, Private jet, Bubble bath and Pink champagne.

What I didn't like?

It's a bit pricey in UAE as compared to the US. This duo stick is super convenient but it limits you to the number of looks you can create. If you already have eyeshadow palettes and want to up your eyeshadow game then this it totally made for you.

I created a video tutorial using this duo liquid eyeshadow and its coming up soon on YouTube and Instagram.

Till then keep blending my lovelies..

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