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Which Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette to get?

Every-time Huda Beauty launches a new palette I get a ton of queries asking which one is the best of all. It's a tough one to answer as it depends on the person and their usage. But I will give you my thoughts and what I've experienced while teaching my students using these palettes.

Now to answer the question about which palette is the best I will start by analysing each palette

Rose Gold Palette (original)

Rose Gold Palette (Remastered)

This was her first palette. Then recently she relaunched the same palette again calling it Remastered. Apparently when she first made the palette, she had limited investment. So she made another one with better formula and better packaging.

What I love about this palette is the colour scheme. It's got some amazing mattes with which you can create your everyday neutral looks and dramatic and smokey looks. I always look for a nice black to add that extra drama or to create a simple smokey eyeliner and this palette has got that.

Only thing this palette is missing is a nice green or a blue shimmery shade. But ofcourse one can buy that as a single colour from MAC or Urban decay or similar brands.

The formula of the Remastered palette is amazing. The colours are pigmented and blend well.

Desert Dusk Palette

This was her second palette. I love this palette to create some dramatic looks and cut crease. This palette has got both pink and brown undertone colours. The formula and textures are beautiful. You can create some easy party wear looks and dramatic looks. This palette has got fewer matte shades as compared to the Rose Gold palette.

I wish this palette had a black, but as I said I can always buy one single shade from any other brand. The black by Makeup geek is really black.

If I had to choose between the two palettes mentioned above then I would choose The Desert Dusk palette.

New Nude Palette

This is the latest creation by the makeup guru. She's upped her marketing game and the formulas. The 10 mattes are smooth and pigmented. The glitters are pretty and give a nice holographic finish, which is perfect if you want to wear just one eyeshadow.

There are no browns and black in this palette so if this is your first eyeshadow palette then I would definitely suggest buying a dark brown and a black eyeshadow.

I even see a lot of similarity between Desert Dusk and the New Nude palette.


Whenever they launch a new palette the formulas keep getting better but the colour selections is what matters too.

Your first palette should have some essential colours like a black, a dark brown, a light brown to blend the edges so everything looks smooth. Then ofcourse your lid colours like a nice blue or green and shiny golds or bronze and silver to add oomph to your look. Then you need a light shimmery colour to highlight the brow bone and the inner corner. The Rose Gold Remastered palette has all of that and the formula is perfect.

But if you have single pots of black and brown eyeshadow or you don't mind getting those separately then I would choose The New Nude palette as thats got the best formula till date.

Hope this post was helpful.

Till then keep blending my lovelies!!

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