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The New Nude palette by Huda Beauty - worth investing?

Disclamer: Before you start reading my review, I feel you should know that I bought this palette with my own money and as always my review is 100% genuine. I am not trying to be in anybody's good books to get some free stuff. I just want my followers to know whether it's really worth investing in this palette. SO let's get started....

The marketing and makeup Guru has launched another new eyeshadow palette which is here to stay in the permanent line. Lets talk about some if its features before I tell you my final verdict.


Nude doesn't always have to be browns. That's exactly what Huda is trying to tell us by calling this palette 'New Nude' as it has no browns but all pink based eyeshadows.


The packaging of the palette is so beautiful like always. Like all her eyeshadow palettes even this one comes in a solid box which will last you for a very long time. This palette also comes with a mirror which makes it perfect for travelling with.


The palette has got a lot of different textures. Another reason why it makes it so beautiful. No matter how many light's I add to my pictures and video's you will still have to see it in person to find out how beautiful the colours look. But just because it is visually beautiful, doesn't mean the eyeshadows look good after applying. Keep reading to find out whether it is really worth it.

The textures include: Matte, reflecting pearl(duo-chromatic finish), pressed glitter, pressed pearl and one concealer base(like a creamy primer) which is meant to boost the eyeshadow colour.

Many people are comparing this to the Urban Decay's naked cherry which is a new eyeshadow palette. Even though the colours r quite similar the textures are not at all which makes the Huda beauty eyeshadow palette unique.

Do I like it?

I don't have an easy answer for that. I'll tell you in a few seconds why I say that.

Creamy eyeshadow:

To start with I was not a fan of the creamy base she has in the palette. It's meant to serve as an eyeshadow primer but I felt it was cracking.

I do have a question for Huda - why have a creamy base in the same palette as powder. Don't you think the powdery eyeshadow's fallout will land on the creamy one?

Matte eyeshadows:

I've started comparing all my eyeshadow palettes to Rihana's(Fenty Beauty) Moroccan spice eyeshadow palette as I feel her eyeshadows are the bomb. The mattes are super pigmented and at the same time they blend well. They are not patchy but blend well and look so smooth.

That's exactlty how Huda Beauty's New Nude palette is. The matte's are amazing! They are pigmented and smooth and super easy to blend. When i blend two colours they don't get muddy but just merge really well.

Glitter and the other textures:

To apply this you will need your finger tips, or a wet brush or Huda's new eyeshadow brush. I hate using my my finger tips to apply eyeshadow as it gets difficult to apply in the inner corner and to create a dome like shape. So i'm gonna stick to applying using wet brush. But try using your finger tips. The eyeshadow shows better.

Final Verdict:

I really like this palette, specially how the mattes blend and the way the glitter sparkles.

But I would not recommend this palette to a beginner in makeup or as your first eyeshadow palette as it has only pink based colours and you definitely need browns too for blending. If you have some good browns then this eyeshadow palette is amazing.

As your first eyeshadow palette I would still recommend the Rose gold eyeshadow palette by Huda or the Moroccan spice eyeshadow palette by Fenty Beauty.

Till then keep blending my lovelies...

See you soon...

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