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Hair oil - Kama Bringadi

As a kid I used to oil my hair almost everyday(actually forced to oil my hair). My look to school was oily sleek back look. I would be embarrassed to tell my friends that I have oil in my hair. I would always tell them its gel!! - hahahahahhaha silly me!! A year back my mom again tried to get me into the habit of oiling my hair and made a special concoction using a lot of ingredients which she got from Haridwar, but I just wouldn't be bothered.

But recently I've introduced oiling to my hair care routine, I see a huge difference. My hair is more manageable and I don't need to straighten my hair after wash.

When I was coming back from India, I picked up the Bringadi oil from Kama Ayurveda at the airport. I think it was the best purchase I made in a very long time. One of the benefits of this oil is it is a Natural Conditioner. I actually skip conditioner when I oil my hair using this oil.

Bringraj is usually prescribed in Ayurveda for lush hair growth and to prevent hair loss, dandruff and premature graying. Naturally conditioning.


  • To prevent hair loss.

  • Stop premature graying of hair.

  • Cure dandruff

  • Promote fresh and lush hair growth.

  • Works as a natural conditioner

I've been using this regularly and the outcome is really good. My hair's become softer and the ends are less dry. I will definitely keep buying this oil or any Bringraj oil.

Lemme know if you'll recommend any oil which is a must try!!

PS - The oil that my mom made was Bringraj oil and smells exactly like the KAMA oil. I just hope she doesn't read this post.

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