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False Eyelashes: Beginers guide

Does your false eyelash application lead you to clumpy mess and gluey tears of frustration? But falsies add major drama to any look within minutes.

Some lashes look synthetic and feel heavy to last all night. Lashes available at the supermarket or dragon mart, Dubai are great and totally transform your look, but they are a bit tricky to apply as most of them have a thin lash band. As a newbie try to get lashes with a thick band as they stay curved which makes it easy to apply as compared to straight strips as they are difficult to apply. One such brand that I found with a sturdy lash band is Chelsea Beautique.

I have also given a nifty tutorial below with step-by-step pictures if you need. Read below:

Tools Required:

1. Lashes

2. Lash glue

3. Tweezer

4. Scissor

5. Mirror


Gently remove lashes from the tray using a tweezer.

Lashes come with tiny tail at both the ends, hold any one tail with the tweezer and gently peel it off.

Step 2:

Find your eye size.

Hold the lashes close to your eyelashes to check whether you need to trim them. Don't start to close to the inner corner as that will irritate your eyes and poke your eyes.

Step 3:

Trim and customize your false lashes.

Cut the lashes from the outter edge and not inner. Remember to cut from top of the band and not bottom as you might end up chopping the lashes.

Step 4:

Glue the lash band.

Apply a thin layer of Huda Beauty lash glue and wait for 60 seconds till the glue gets a bit tacky. This makes it easier to fix the lashes. Make sure you apply glue to the corners as that's where the lashes start lifting. There are many people who advise putting glue on your lashes and on the fake lashes as double protection. I don't like to put glue on my lashes or skin as glue doesnt come off easily when I remove my eyemakeup.

Step 5:

Mirror, mirror on the table.

Keep the mirror down on the table and face the mirror. This way you can see the top of your lashes clearly which makes application much easier.

Step 6:

Centre first.

Use the tweezer and place the lash on the centre of your lash line. Fix the outter edge and inner edge.

Use the back of the tweezer to push the lashes against your lash line and make sure the corners are stuck well.

(With lashes V/S without lashes)

Step 7:


Apply any gel eyeliner on the upper waterline. This makes the base of the lashes look fuller.

Final Look

Once you have mastered the technique by following my step by step tutorial you will be a lash application pro. I always advice my students to practice a lot before a big event. So you don't end up making a clumpy mess while your partner is waiting for you in the car.

Practice makes perfect.

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