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Benefit Brow Bar: Everything you need to know

I've been getting my eyebrows threaded since years. I remember when I was 17, a Chinese lady ruined my eyebrows by making them very thin. I paid and walked out of the salon crying. It took a few months of growing my eyebrows out for them to return back to normal.

Fast forward a number of years, history repeated itself but with a few changes. I went to this salon in Mankool as I didn't have time to go to my regular place. They charged me Dhs. 30/- for eyebrow threading and when I reached home I saw that one of my brows had dipped down and the arches on both looked different. Again, I waited for 2 months before going to my regular place. She tried to fix as much as possible, but asked me to wait for another 2 months. After 2 months I went back to my regular place and she still couldn't fix them completely.

My birthday was coming up, and Sephora emailed me a voucher for brow waxing and tinting, and I took them up on it. I booked an appointment at their Citywalk branch with Dina. What a difference! I have visited them thrice after my first appointment as I could see my eyebrows were getting back in shape and it was painfree. Even now my eyebrows are not 100% perfect, as the hair growth in not even. But they are definitely in a much better shape. And now that they are fixed, I have started going back to my regular place where they charge Dhs.25/-

A bit into the whole process....

1) Consultation

This takes around 5 minutes where your therapist will consult with you on what the problematic areas are, what shape you are looking for and/or the colour of the tint if you want to tint your brows. There are many different colours available.

2) Tinting

The tinting comes first. This is where they colour the brows. They use a special product for brow tinting instead of a hair dye. Tinting makes your eyebrows look fuller, defines the shape and holds the shape too. The tint is left on on for 5 minutes before they clean it out and proceed to the next step.

3) Waxing

They start by applying some oil on to the skin which acts like a lubricant and protects your skin. Your skin will not be pulled or dragged during the process. Benefit has a very strict way of waxing. They will wax each brow four times only and if there is any hair left they will tweeze it for you. This is very good for you and your skin, as it avoids over waxing which is really bad for your skin.

4) Styling of the brows

The stylist will fill your brows (I always ask them to fill it with Ka-Brow as thats my favourite product) and she will recommend any products you need to style your brows. They will even teach you how to style them and fill them.

5) Re-book

They advise you to come back within 3-4 weeks, but I usually wait for 4-5 weeks as my eyebrows don't grow as quickly. They even have a loyalty card where the 8th service is free.

6) Before - After

In the after pic my brows look very thick as the residue of the tint was still on the skin around the eyebrow. It comes off completely from the skin around the eyebrow after a few washes.


Waxing: Dhs 85/-

Tinting: Dhs 65/-

Together: Dhs 130/-

Although its very expensive, I would recommend to go to them and get the perfect shape for your eyebrows. After that you can go to your regular place and go to Benefit brow bar ones in every 6 months.

I hope you have a brow-full experience at the benefit brow bar.

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