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Everything you need to know about eyebrow Microblading

Perfectly groomed eyebrows help to frame your entire face and brings out your eyes, without additional makeup. Keeping that in mind I try to fill my scanty, crooked eyebrows everyday which would take me up to 15 minutes. That's the reason why I decided to go for microblading. It's the current trend, which is a good one. Even HudaBeauty is obsessed with it.

I got my treatment done from Browz at The Mall (in Umm Suqeim 3, Jumeirah Beach road) from the Microblading guru - Michelle. I got a lot of questions after I put up the whole procedure on my instastories, which Michelle helped me answer them.

Microblading is like tattooing?

It is not like permanent tattoo as the result lasts 6-18 months, depending on your skin type. Oily skin will need touchup sooner then dry skin(I've got oily skin). In microblading special pigment is implanted under you skin in hair like strokes that mimic your real brow hair. There are different colours of pigment available. The brow artist will help you choose the right colour.

Are there several techniques available?

So the artist either (1) Shades in the eyebrows or (2) creates hair like fine line or a combination of both. This again depends on your personal preference and your natural state of your brows.

If you have thick eyebrows with a few gaps then all you'll require is a bit of shading.

If you have brows like mine, which are not very thick, scanty and many sparse patches then you'll need hair like strokes.

Don't worry about which technique to pick, again you artist will help you choose the right one for you.

Is it very painful?

I have three permanent body tattoos and microblading is definitely not as painful. Microblading feels like threading your brows, but imagine threading really overgrown brows.

For me numbers is everything so I counted the strokes required - around 150 on each eyebrow. It was like plucking 150 hair from the brow.

The process was then repeated but this time the pain was 50% - 60% less.

They do putting a numbing cream before they start the procedure. This cream is quite helpful.

What if I don't like the shape?

The first step of microblading is drawing the shape. Michelle used her awesome scale to mark the beginning of my brow, the end of the brow and the arch. After that she filled it in with an eyebrow pencil. At this stage I could see how the final result would look like. If I am 100% satisfied with the shape, then only will the artist go ahead with the actual process.

How long does it take?

The actual microblading took around 30 minutes and another 10 minutes to draw the shape. Before that I had to wait for 15 minutes for the numbing cream to do its magic. So thats approximately an hour in total.

What about the aftercare?

The healing period - which is a week after the procedure requires extreme care. Michelle asked me to avoid contact with water during this period. If the area does get wet then you have to gently dab it to dry. I washed my face in sections and I went to the salon to wash my hair. She even gave me a balm to apply on the brows.

I was asked to avoid extreme heat, sun and try to avoid sweating during the healing period.

I was asked to come back after 4 weeks for a touchup which is included in the cost.

Microblading is like an investment - and it is a good one. I would highly recommend it. Cause as I said earlier that perfectly groomed eyebrows frames your entire face and with microblading you could ditch the threading and just pluck the extra hair when needed.

Cost:- Browz charges 3500/-

And now For my followers in India - Mumbai

Microblading is available in Mumbai. It is performed by the renowned Makeup artist - Pakkhi who did a Microblading Course in LA with Linsey Ta - one of the most renowned Microbladers who worked on Huda Kattans brows too.

They charge 275$ which is equivalent to 18000 INR.

It includes the full service with a touch up after 6-8 weeks.

The studio is called TeamVanity and is located at Linking Road, Bandra, Mumbai.

Disclaimer: I haven't tried this place before but Pakkhi had been in the beauty industry since a very long time.



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