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Head to head: Huda Beauty's Faux Filter VS FentyBeauty

There has been so much hype around two foundations in the media, billboards and insta. One is by a makeup guru and the other one by RiRi. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't then do it right now - saniksha_adnani) you must have seen me testing both. Last week i wore Fenty on one side and Huda on the other all day.

So the question is - Faux Filter or FentyBeauty?

But before that I just want to let you know that this post is not sponsored and neither am I looking to get in the good books of any PR agency - it's just a plain honest review on four parameters below.

1. A hue-mungous range

Both of these brands boast an insane range of colours - it's like being stuck in an ice cream store with way too many options. It's complicated and unfortunately the staff in most stores out here are simply too busy to help you choose the perfect shade for you. Even I was confused and clueless. However, thanks to years of foundation swatching I can always make a shade darker or lighter work.

So I would suggest that you either wait for a few weeks when they are less busy or go with someone or a friend who can help you choose the right shade. (Don't forget to read my post on "Choosing the right foundation"). Top tip -- The quietest Sephora I know is in CityWalk so I would suggest going there on a slow weekday morning to help out. But unfortunately HudaBeauty foundation is not available there.

Huda's Team has compiled 'the ultimate Faux Filter shade guide' which compares their Filter Faux foundation with other popular brands. It didn't help me as it didn't match with any of my current shades in other brand.

FentyBeauty shade chart

2. Longevity:

Both of them are long lasting. They both stayed in place all day and didn't budge.

3. Coverage:

As we all know Huda Beauty's Faux Filter foundation is super full coverage (just one pump is enough for the whole face). And I love that. When I say full coverage it doesn't mean it will give you a cakey look. It just creates that Instagram flawless and smooth look. Add moisturiser to the foundation if you don't like full coverage.

As for Fenty Beauty, it's 25% less heavier then Faux Filter. So just apply a bit more if you like full coverage.

4. Skin Type:

If you plan on applying Huda Beauty's Faux Filter Foundation you would need to moisturise and prime well before it. It is an added step but your foundation will last you longer as you'll use less. You can even mix your moisturiser with the foundation on the back of your hand and then apply.

As for FentyBeauty, its already mixed with a moisturiser so its perfect for dry skin as well as oily skin as it dries up to be matte finish.

Final Verdict:

Personally because of my oily/combination skin I would pick Fenty Beauty but I DO love both.

As my follower and friend Arbee says - "It's okay to love both you know."

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