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Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

Recently, I bought the new eyeshadow palette by Huda Beauty - the Desert Dusk Palette - from Sephora at Dubai Mall. This is her 2nd eyeshadow palette after the Rose Gold Edition. Both the palettes are very different except for one repeat colour. Desert Dusk has more purples and bronze shades whereas the first one had more pinks.


The packaging of the palette is more luxurious. It's even got a nice big mirror with her branding on it. This mirror is going to come very handy for me during stayover or destination weddings. I can create a mini vanity station in the hotel room while my husband enjoys his long showers...sigh!

Even though this palette is made of cardboard, it feels very sturdy. It's strong enough to protect the eyeshadows during traveling (Proof --I took it with me to Paris and it survived without a crack!)


The palette has 18 different colours. The textures range from pressed pearls (6 of them) to duo-chrome iridescent (3 of them) to pure glitter (1 of that) to beautiful 8 matte shades. Its no use getting into the scientific formulation of the eyeshadows - as I don't understand that :O But I can say all of them are highly pigmented and blend well.

Tip: Try using a lighter colour to blend the edges of a darker colour.


Both her palettes are for Dhs. 250/- each, which is on par with other eyeshadow palettes available at Sephora.

Rose Gold or Desert Dusk?

If you want to choose one between her two palettes, then I would definitely recommend the Desert Dusk Palette over the Rose Gold. The texture and colours of the Desert Dusk are more usable, and you can create so many different looks with just this one palette. I've swatched the colours but you need to see IRL to do justice to this beautiful palette.

What I didn't Like?

I wish this palette had a black colour. When I carry this palette with me, I always take my single Black eyeshadow called Carbon by MAC. The first palette does have a matte black eyeshadow.

Swatches of the colours I really like:

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