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Organising Makeup

Does your makeup look like its been hit by a hurricane? Did you drop a highlighter or an eyeshadow while looking for that item you could never find. That usually happens when you are scrambling through your not so organised makeup in a hurry (which we always are while getting ready). So did mine, till i found this magical place called - Daiso. 

This is how I organise my makeup. I keep these trays in drawers of my dresser. 

Makeup organising is like wardrobe organising. 

Organise makeup in categories. Like you would with clothes.

All eyeshadows together.

All lipsticks together. All powder products(compact, highlighter, blush) together

I am a type of person who likes to sit down infront of my mirror on my vanity desk. If you like to do your makeup in the bathroom or any other part of the house where there is a mirror and better lighting, then you need to get a case that is potable. You'll find many acrylic and plastic organisers with compartments and drawers which you could keep in the bathroom cabinet or move around with it and still keep your makeup organised.

Breaking your makeup is waste of money :( and most of the stuff we get are usually limited editions. So start organising  :)

Meet   Saniksha
Hi! I am Saniksha Adnani -
Your girl next door with a serious obsession with make up. 
Blend Dubai gives you a sneak peek into my life as a MUA and beauty tips for anyone looking to learn more. 
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