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How to pick the best makeup primer for your skin type

If you think of makeup as art, think of primer as a canvas.

Even when I have just five minute to do my makeup, I always include primer because it's the right canvas can make all that difference for any makeup look.

I love how New York Times calls it,  "the Spanx of cosmetics". Primer helps to smoothen out skin, conceal skin imperfections, and give a flawless and even texture by filling in the fine lines. Most importantly this will increase the longevity of your foundation - which is a huge deal in a country like Dubai where the weather makes you sweat fairly quickly! 

How to choose the right primer?

Choosing the right primer depends on your skin condition and type. The two categories I am going to discuss is oily skin and dry skin. 

Oily skin

If you have oily skin like mine you are probably looking to combat it. Choose a primer that has mattifying properties like silicon based primers. They are silky, soft, whipped and have light and airy texture. My top recommendations are:

1. Benefit's Porefessional - AED 60 -Sephora

2. Smashbox's Photofinish - AED 175 -Sephora

3. Nars Pore & Shine Control -  AED180 -Sephora

4. Makeup Forever Mattifying - AED 165 -Sephora

5. Wet n Wild's Coverall - AED 29- Carreffour and Virgin Megastore

Dry and/or dull skin

For dry skin, you need a primer that hydrates you skin leaving it a dewy finish. A primer that adds sheen to your dull skin.  Choose a primer that is creamy and velvety which is easy to apply. It should prevent your foundation from settling in and looking flaky. 

1. Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer - AED 220 -

2. Dior Forever & Ever Wear - AED 204-

3. Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow - AED 150 - they offer international shipping

4. Makeup Forever hydrating primer - AED 165 - Sephora

5. Maybelline's Baby Skin Fatigue Blur - AED 38 -

How to apply primer?

Use a pea sized amount of product and gently smooth it over your forehead, cheeks, nose and the tip of your chin.

TOP TIP:  Use a gently massaging motion rather than running it over your skin. Just slapping on a layer (which isn't recommended) causes the product to settle into the skin creating a rough texture and defeating the purpose. Circular motions people! 

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