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Korean Gold Mask

Recently I went to Union Co-operative supermarket Dubai and discovered their new section of Korean and Japanese skincare products. I immediately picked up the Shangpree Gold Premium modeling mask (AED150) and Bitgoa Hue rich cream face moisturizer (AED 85). I tried the mask before posting this review.

Modelling packs: A new trend in masking

Let me introduce you to the new age face masks called rubber masks (also known as modeling packs). The main difference between the home mask and others is: you build these yourself. You mix the ingredients together in a bowl (provided) and smear this mixture all over your face. This dries to a rubbery texture, then you peel off in one giant rubbery sheet.

How to use?

Start by exfoliating and toning your face. Then prepare the mask by mixing the gel and the powder. Once the powder mixes through the gel thoroughly apply the mixture asap, as it will start to thicken if you wait too long. Spread evenly over face and neck. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. Peel it off in one piece.

Add gel to bowl Add powder to gel Mix well

Apply on face Peel after 20 minutes Final Result :)


The gold gel is enriched with soothing gold, hydrating glycerin, brightening licorice and anti ageing green tea. The concoction is bound to nourish your skin while keeping it moisturized helping to prevent signs of ageing.

The active collagen powder helps boost the production of collagen in addition to skin firming. This collagen also acts like a magnet that attracts moisture into it.

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