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Review: The coveted Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette

So after the Dubai Mall madness of meeting Huda in person, I just believe that online shopping is the way to go for makeup junkies. (Although it would be a dream to meet Huda one day <3)

I managed to get this online from

The new Huda Beauty highlighter comes in 2 versions:

1) Pink Sands - A palette that is ideal for fair to medium skin tones

2) Golden Sands - A palette that is ideal for medium to dark skin tones

What's so different about this palette?

I've tried a lot of highlighters in the past from Becca to MAC, to Anastasia Beverly Hills to NYX.

But the 3D highlighter is truly different! I'm ready to give up all my highlighters and just keep this one in my collection.

After following the four steps mentioned below, you get a satiny, smooth 3D glow. The glow doesn't look natural but it doesn't look fake either. It's that 'Instagram glow' without using a filter.

TIP: If you aren't big on highlighters, you can achieve a natural look by only apply the 'setting' colour that is like a pearly highlighter.

Follow these steps for a 3D glow:

Step 1:

'Prep' your skin. This shade is creamy which is designed to enhance the powder. Use your fingertips and apply this on the highest point of the cheekbones.

Step 2:

'Set' the second shade by applying on top of the cream highlighter. This makes the highlighter pop.

Step 3:

'Sculpt' your cheekbones. Add this colour underneath the highlight. This step blends the edges of the highlight colour at the same time and creates an awesome looking cheekbone.

Step 4:

'Flush' your cheekbones. This step helps melt everything together. Apply this either as a blush or between the two layers.

Final look:

The highlighter is pretty freaking- amazing.

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