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What the FAKE?

Recently I went to a market with a friend to buy decor for an event, when I stumbled upon a row of stores selling fake makeup products claiming to be real. They had brands like Kylie, Too Faced, Urban Decay, MAC, Benefit and of course Huda Beauty.

They even had a huge range of Huda Beauty foundations (which is not even launched yet as she has been working her @$$ off to get the perfect formula, colour and texture).

Buying fake products to put on your skin can be very dangerous and harmful. These fake products can have adverse and unfathomable effects. What surprised me was the high quality of the packaging.

But that changes as soon as you open the box. That's your first check, there is a strong smell of chemicals. We don't even know what kind of chemicals they put in these products have clearly not gone through the approval process. For instance, when I tried the fake Huda Beauty lipstick, it felt like there was a lot of glue in the product to help colour stay on the lips.

So all I am going to say is don't get duped and always double check prices online to see if they match up. If you are on a budget though, never consider these but look at the amazing selection of drugstore brands available.

Without further ado - check out the reals from the fakes:

Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contouring palette

The fake one is very creamy, which means when blended it wont stay in one place, but rather run all over the face, which beats the purpose of highlighting and contouring.

Porefessional by Benefit

The texture is quiet similar to the original one. But when you blend the fake one, it over dries the skin(and I have oily skin) and makes it flaky.

L A Cosmetics

The original one is not very expensive, but I guess because the supply of the original one is low knock offs are available in the market. The fake one doesn't blend at all like the real deal.

Beauty Blender

Just because it's a tool, it doesn't make it safe to use. The fake sponge was so heavy and hard. I tried using it to apply foundation on my face, but because the blender is so dense, it soaked up almost 1/4 of the bottle of the foundation.

Huda Beauty

Of course Huda Beauty products were the most popular ones in the place. The Rose Gold Palette had extremely different colours. The colour payoff was horrible.

The lashes are safe to use, but they are no where close to the real lashes. The real Huda Beauty lashes makes your eyes look bigger as they are curled. The fake ones tends to make your eyes look smaller.

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