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Review: Can the silicon sponge replace the beauty blender?

There has been a lot of hype about the silicon sponge. Let's get something straight --- technically it's not a sponge.

It's a piece of silicon which has been available in the market since forever as shoe inserts, heel cushions or bra inserts. It's when a makeup company in Hong Kong changed the shape and packaging and called it a foundation applicator that it made waves. The supposed benefit behind this tool is to reduce the wastage of product in comparison to the Beauty Blender

My order:

I ordered my silisponge on 22nd February (so basically close to three months ago) and I have yet to receive it... FAIL

Luckily they refunded my money recently. My best friend had the same issue but unfortunately they haven't refunded her money yet. I would definitely recommend NOT ordering online from them.


I decided to use three types of silicon:

A. shoe insert (from Forever 21 for AED 7)

B. Bra insert

C. And the actual silisponge (which I finally got from for AED 27)


Both these products replicate the original silisponge as their main material is silicone and the outer shell is made from a flexible thermoplastic that is resistant to grease and oil.

The lack of porous surface didn't do much to smoothly blend foundation onto the skin. It does pack on the product very well on your face, but it was more like slapping plastic on my face and moving the product around.

In the end I had to use to beauty blender to soak the extra product and blend the fine lines.


I didn't like it - it cannot be a replacement for a beauty blender or any blending brush.

At the most, I would use these silicon tools for my initial makeup application and finish off by using a beauty blender.

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