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How to get fantastic eyebrows in a jiffy!

I spend most of my Sunday with my best friend at the mall. We usually grab lunch with my kids and then enter a store (no surprises that it's mostly makeup stores) for a quick browse and discover something new. A couple of months back, after our lunch at Social house in Dubai Mall, we entered Debenhams. The sweet lady at the Chelsea Beautique kiosk offered to do our eyebrows.

My best friend and I are obsessed with eyebrows, so of course we agreed. The lady at the kiosk transformed my eyebrows in less then 30 seconds each. I bought the kit immediately!

Initially I was worried that it was another impulse purchase, but honestly after months of using this product, I have definitely starting swearing by Chelsea Beautique's Brow Kit.

This easy to use kit comes with everything you need to get perfectly shaped, super glamorous eyebrows in seconds. the powder sets to smudge proof and lasts all day.

The Kit includes:

  1. 6 stencil shapes

  2. 1 powder shade (7 options to choose from )

  3. 1 applicator brush

  4. Tweezer

  5. Velvet storage pouch

Let's get started:

Final Look

And that's how i get beautiful looking eyebrows in a jiffy. Hope you enjoyed reading this post :) If you want to see more posts like these definitely comment below! I would love to answer any questions/doubts you have on eyebrows!

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