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Magnifying glass: Things I learnt from the women at Nielsen

Every woman's journey in life is so different and and this year to mark Women's Day I actually did a masterclass at Nielsen. What I didn't realise is that other than teaching them make up I was learning a few life lessons as well.

At Nielsen I had a chance to meet over 20 women each unique in their journey and transformation. It was extremely inspiring to find how beautifully each of them were winning at life in their own way - whether it was killing it at work, spending quality time with the family or still managing an hour of "me-time". Even though this is the life of a majority of the women out here, it is starkly different from mine but made me think that the once thought of myth of "having everything" was possible.

I met a couple of women who were constantly juggling between career and family. On the other hand, there were others who were storming ahead in their career but still battling the petty judgement from society and frankly dealing with it a lot better then I would! From my end I respected every woman out there and I think they respected me as well because the whole point of International Women's Day is to celebrate one another and our different paths in life.

What I also noticed was the strong sense of community at the masterclass. During the tutorial with these amazing women you could see strong signs of support and friendship even whether it was passing a lipstick to try and test the colours or to giving tips on what each one does to combat puffy eyes in the morning before heading to work. It was lovely to even see how they were exchanging tips between each other and it felt like I was part of a larger tribe and we are part of a larger movement of trying to really empower each other.

Many of them work insane hours but the way they do it with a brave face filled with beauty, fierceness and confidence.

With Blend Dubai I'm getting to interact with so many different people then ever before and I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to that - on that note - have a lovely day ladies and always keep your heads high!

At Nielsen HQ:

Can't wait to start the Masterclass with these lovely women...

Masterclass in progress

Q+A session with the ladies

My beautiful model, Monika Chhabria BEFORE the masterclass

Voila - the AFTER shot -I believe that makeup should be used to enhance beauty rather than hide behind it

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