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Beauty blender v/s Brush - best way to blend!

When it comes to foundation we all want a flawless finish. We want our makeup to be undetectable and dazzle instead of a cakey gooey mess. The only way to achieve is by BLENDING. Which is why I question which of the below really leads to the best blending.

So I decided to compare Beauty Blender v/s the Duo Fibre Brush. In the pictures below you will find that one side is down with the spongey beauty blender and the other side with the duo fibre brush.

Before you start applying any foundation, always make sure you prep your skin using your favourite primer.

Beauty Blender - how to use it

The best way to ensure a flawless finish with beauty blender is to ensure it's damp and squeeze out all the excess water before you start using it. You could use a dry beauty blender, but it won't give you the perfect flawless finish.

This is how I use my beauty blender to apply foundation and concealer:

Duo Fibre(Stippling) Brush - how to use it

The word stippling means tapping repeatedly. In this case keep tapping till you achieve flawless finish.

The Stippling brush comes in different sizes. I use the bigger one (Mac 187) to apply foundation on face and smaller one (MAC 130 or 283) to apply concealer under eye and to blend cream contour and highlight.

This is how i use my duo Fibre/stippling brush to apply foundation and concealer:

Final verdict

Beauty Blender Pros:

- Easy and fast to use - Creates a flawless finish in minutes. - Just one product for both smaller and larger areas. - Can be used for dry and wet products

Beauty Blender Cons:

- It starts looking ugly as color fades after washing - Difficult to sanitise 100% - Washing is little difficult - Expensive as it lasts only 6 months - Soaks some product which goes waste

Duo Fibre Brush Pros:

- Creates a flawless finish with less product - Easy to cleanse - Can sanitise 100% - Can be used for dry and wet products - Will last you for years. - Doesn't soak the product so no wastage or product

Duo Fibre Brush Cons:

- It takes longer to create flawless finish mostly because when you use the brush it leaves brush strokes - so you just need to blend it in a bit more - Can be used for either wet products or dry products - Need two different brushes for larger and smaller areas

Final verdict

Beauty blender is easier and faster. If you are using it for personal use then go for the beauty blender. But do be prepared for wastage of product. As a makeup artist it is safer to use the brush as you can sanitise it and you don't waste a lot of product.

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