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Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis

Liquid Matte Minis

I have long been a fan of Huda Beauty's liquid lipsticks. When she came out with her minis I had to get most of them. Minis are the best way to try out new shades and they are perfect travel size.

There are four collections:

1. The nude collection

2. The red collection

3. The pink collection

4. The brown collection (That's the one I don't own as there are 2 repeats from the nude collection)

Each collection consists of four drool-worthy mini's gathered in a gorgeous monochromatic collection. You can use each shade solo, or play with a combination to create a layered style of your own.

The Huda Beauty Liquid lipsticks

I've been wearing Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks for the last 6 months. This is what I feel about them.

  • Densely pigmented

  • Comfortable texture

  • Long-wear ability

  • Transfer free

  • Feather light

  • Glides on like a gloss and sets to a matte finish.

Dry Lips?

Girls with medium to extreme dry lips have been complaining that liquid lipsticks, including Huda Beauty's lipstick makes their lips crack or flake. My daily skin care regime is the reason why my lips don't crack.

As for the solution try this: -

Exfoliation - Right before applying the lipstick, use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips. This should be followed by a heavy or regular moisturizer or lip balm. Make sure you let it sink in before applying just one thin layer of your favourite Huda Beauty liquid lipstick

(I think this might warrant a whole post on its own as wearing a liquid lipstick is not as easy as it looks, but at the same time the right tricks will make it super easy)

Value for money

Numbers play a big part in my life so of course I had to compare price of the mini's v/s the regular size.

Regular Size

AED100/- for 5ml

Mini Size

AED 150/each collection for 7.6ml (4 bottles * 1.9ml each)

So according to the price of regular lipstick, the Minis should have been for AED152/-

Usually minis turnout to be more expensive and it's always more economical to buy the regular size. But in this case both are the same price. But you will have to shell out 50/- more as you are getting 2.6ml more and four different shades.


The Nude Edition:

The effortlessly chic set for slay-all-day looks. This collection includes :


A heavenly taupe - brown.


An irresistible peachy nude.


A cheeky brown.


A stylish brown nude.

The Pink Edition:

These are gorgeous pink hues and a new shade with a metallic formula. This collection includes :

Gossip Girl

The everyday cute pink.

Trophy Wife

An all-time rose wood.


An elegant reddish pink.


The new metallic color which is a glitzy rose gold. Personally I'm not a fan of metallic colors.

The Red Edition:

All colors have an undertone of red, including the new metallic red. This collection includes :


A man eating pinkish red.

Material Girl

A fierce plum.


The new color which is metallic red.


An effortlessly chic burgundy.

The Brown Edition:

I don't own this edition as two of them are repeats from the nude collection. This collection includes :


A stylish brown nude. One of the repeats from nude collection .


A cheeky brown. Another repeat from nude collection.

Spice Girl

An iconic 90's brownish mauve. This color looks beautiful! I can see myself wearing this color often, so I'll need a full size of this one.


A poisonous deep brown.

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