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To Dyson or not to Dyson: that's the question!

I was incredibly excited to receive this as a Valentine's present from the hubby (even though we don't celebrate)! Ever since my social media post I found out that a lot of you are interested in finding out if it's worth it! It took be a few days to get to this because before writing my review I wanted to make sure to compare it to my existing hairdryer.

In case you didn't know it has taken 4 years, over a 100 engineers, and a whopping USD $72 million in research and development to make this goody happen

This means it comes with the hefty price tag of Dhs.1499/-

After reading these facts, even my husband was curious! So is it worth it? Read more to find out....

Let me begin with the packaging....

This beautiful piece of technology comes in a white sleek box, with two nozzles, a diffuser and a mat. It kind of mimics the packaging of Apple but I didn't mind that because it did feel and look a superior quality.

The battle of the nozzles!

So I decided to compare my new Dyson hairdryer to my Parlux Hairdryer which is a salon grade hair dryer which I got from Nazih trading 6 years back for AED400/-

Even though its 6 years old, its still in perfect condition as I don't blow dry much at home.

My comparison was based on these five major elements

1) Time

2) Power

3) Frizz

4) Weight

5) Stay-in power

I washed my hair like I normally do with the Kerastase Bain Volume shampoo. Then I sectioned my hair in two equal parts. I blowdried the left side with Dyson and the right side with Parlux. I just did a regular blowdry, with ends turned inward.

Note: I have long hair - so this would impact results.

1) Time


Start: 3:54pm

End: 4:10pm

It took 16 minutes to finish one side.


Star: 4:11pm

End: 4:31pm

Thats a total of 20 mins but I could still feel a few wet patches. So I had to blowdry for another 5 minutes.

Total time taken 25 minutes.

2) Power

Dyson was quietly powerful. Powerful doesn't mean it has to burn your scalp. It didn't burn my scalp even once, not matter how close I went to my scalp.

As for Parlux or any other hairdryer I've used, I always did have issues with my scalp getting burnt.

3) Frizz

The Dyson side of my hair was extremely smooth and soft and unfortunately the Parlux did not match up.

To prove this point, I asked my husband to be the judge and he immediately pointed to the Dyson side as more smooth and frizz free.

4) Weight

I've read a few blogs where they said that the Dyson is not as light as they expected it to be. I'm quite surprised by their comment. Dyson(without the nozzle) is as light as my Iphone 7 plus with the D&G phone cover.

As for Parlux or any other hairdryer I've used in the past, the weight of it gives me numbness and pain in the fingers.

5) Stay-in power

Dyson side stayed frizz free until I washed my hair again(that's in two days as I have a very oily scalp)

Whereas the right side of the head done by Parlux did get a little frizzy as compared to the Dyson side.


I would say go for it. I know its a bit pricey, but its good for your hair. I've decided to blowdry my hair more at home because of Dyson. Even if I go to the salon, I'm definitely taking my Dyson along.

P.S. This post is not sponsored or influenced by Dyson or anyone else.

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